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It was a city first. It is an experience the girls said had inspired them to follow their passion, with both students intending to apply for apprenticeships at the end of next year. Both Grace and Shanika said they intended to rise above gender based stereotypes and encouraged other young women to do the same. … Read moreShirt Express 100 Instructions

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This new craze is leaving some dental professionals scratching their heads as to why one would actually want to forgo their hard earned brace straight perfect teeth for something so obviously imperfect. Apparently gone are the days of having perfectly straight teeth. Nowadays, it seems to be all about the imperfections that make one beautiful. … Read moreShirt Express 100 Indianapolis

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Over allegations that he avoided paying $1.8 billion in tariffs on aluminum imports, Agence France Presse reported Thursday. From 2008 onwards. “This indictment outlines the unscrupulous and anti competitive practices of a corrupt businessman who defrauded the United States out of US$1.8 billion in tariffs due on Chinese imports,” prosecutor Nick Hanna said, according to … Read moreShirt Express 100 Jacket

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Awareness for breast cancer and early detection is absolutely crucial. Our designs are in big bold letters with distressed style font and bold pink ribbon. Our line is available on various t shirts, tees, apparel, children apparel, buttons, stickers and more. A complete spin off of Time Inc. Provides strategic clarity for Time Warner Inc., … Read moreShirt Express 100 John