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Since I started my half marathon training, many of you have asked me what a typical workout week looks like. Before I share the details remember, everyone is different and every body requires a different amount of rest and intensity. This is a workout schedule that fits my lifestyle and leaves me feeling energized and … Read moreShirt Express 80S 4 Cast

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Coulson team, which, aside from Skye, includes Ward (Brett Dalton), a perfect soldier; badass pilot May (Ming Na Wen) and science specialists Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge), comes together quickly as a unit on the series, establishing their personalities right off the bat, with Skye serving as the show young star, showing … Read moreShirt Express 80S 3 Movie

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Johnston, an appreciator of fine horses, purchased a mare named Flora that had been bred to Grey Eagle. He had her shipped to his home in Greenbrier County, Virginia, where the mare had her colt in 1857. Johnston ensured the colt’s Confederate association by naming him, Jeff Davis, after Jefferson Davis, the Mississippi senator who … Read moreShirt Express 80S 3 Movies