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Be respectful to each other. Our goal for /r/Calgary is a friendly community where residents can engage in thoughtful discussion. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. GM said it was notified this week that a low level court ordered the seizure of its plant, bank accounts and other assets in the country.Hundreds of workers desperate … Read moreShirt Folder Thingy Extender

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We are being told to evacuate. The containment tubes have been breached. An Unclean has appeared in the Place of Rest and we are unable to destroy it. A thermal spray is most beneficial when sprayed on your strands before flat ironing or curling. These sprays are designed to be heat activated. It will add … Read moreShirt Folder Thingy Embroidery

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This type of rototiller has a pair of tines in front of the wheels, right beneath the engine. Though more powerful than cultivators, they fall behind when compared to the other types of tillers. They are easy to maneuver and excel in narrow rows. For example, unless you personally know Mr. Weiner, all you “know” … Read moreShirt Folder Thingy Free

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In a statement provided to CNN, Jeffrey S. Klein, an attorney for Williamson, said Williamson properly exercised his rights under the law to void his business dealings with Prime Sports Marketing. Prime Sports Marketing continued threats against Mr. Those who register in advance will receive t shirts. Registration the day of the Fun Run will … Read moreShirt Folder Thingy For Women

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Thanks for telling us, moron, says my hilltop muse. Didn know. They can brag that they deposed the speaker himself, which isn really true. Dancing in the Park returns for another exciting season at Stuart Park. Qualified dance instructors will guide you through the moves as you learn a new style of dance each week. … Read moreShirt Folder Thingy For A