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The Outstanding Nurse Search campaign was produced by Aon Affinity Nurses Service Organization with the help of NetPlus Marketing. Using the NSO Facebook page, visitors were asked to submit a short story about an exceptional nurse. Over a six month period, six story winners were selected, each of whom received a $500 shopping spree on … Read moreShirt Gallery 14 8 17

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All BigCommerce stores are PCI compliant by default. They are fully protected from threats through round the clock monitoring and stringent security systems. Additionally, BigCommerce has a very good record of keeping site downtimes to the minimum.. If you can’t put your finger on your customer’s problem, you won’t solve it. Worse, you will waste … Read moreShirt Gallery 14 8 2017

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As for application features, there isn’t much new here. You’ll get the standard messaging, file browsing, games and a variety of included sounds. You can download more games, MP3s and other music files in addition to ringtones and menu sounds relatively simply. Once your child knows what the potty is for and it is time … Read moreShirt Gallery 14 7 Pounds