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Did my first year teaching this year after 20 years in military and time at the university. It was a real let down, the problem was not the students, but administrators, fellow teachers and bureaucracy. The students and their situations are understandable but not insurmountable. You’ll find the projects in the photos below. See how … Read moreShirt Gallery 16 Ultimate

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Given enough time, Batman can do just about anything. It very rare for a consistent creative team to play around in what is essentially the same sandbox for so long. Justice League features seven main heroes and a host of villains. Because the heat is evenly distributed all around the pan, unlike in the traditional … Read moreShirt Gallery 16 San Diego

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Eating disorders are the deadliest mental health conditions. In your edit you mention wanting to explain it one last time, as though that magically finally pierce his “misunderstanding”. OP. Ferro spokesperson told Fortune: more than 20 years of leading public companies and other enterprises, Michael Ferro has never had a claim filed against him nor … Read moreShirt Gallery 16 S 20