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Code 1512, which clearly defines witness tampering and intimidation,” she wrote in the letter obtained by ABC News. “According to the Department of Justice . This statute applies to proceedings before Congress.”. It like the love potion trope, which many people nowadays find problematic, and for good reason. One of the best treatments of it that I read, honestly, is Gottfried von Strassburg Tristan und Isolde, where Isolde gets a potion to use on herself to help her forget Tristan and accept her arranged marriage to King Mark; purely by accident, Isolde lady in waiting mistakes the potion for a flask of wine and serves it to Isolde and Tristan instead, which only cements their existing ill fated love. (I generally don like Tristan und Isolde because of its romanticization of infidelity, but at least Gottfried use of the love potion plot is decent.) By and large, though, the whole point of the potion is its coercive power, its elimination of consent.

Additionally, Trump targeted comments on the d and cleanliness of the restaurant prompted critics of the President to point to his own business shortfalls in the past. Earlier this year, an inspection at a restaurant at Trump Mar a Lago resort resulted in numerous violations, including improper food storage. The club also received violations for a lack of smoke detectors and broken staircases.

This is something that most people overlook the fact that your boss is likely to be the gateway to your happiness. Just as people end relationships that aren’t working for them they tend to quit their relationship with their boss not the job itself.Well, when asked what they thought, the audience said that bad bosses are: ‘unavailable’, ‘micromanagers’, ‘managing up not down’, ‘contradict themselves’, ‘have no follow through’, ‘bipolar’, ‘made me anxious’, ‘mentally exhausting’, ‘didn’t respect what I do’, ‘most of my goes potential goes unused’ and ‘doesn’t even know what I do’.Most bad bosses tend to be very focused on the task or goal to be achieved. Often they’ve squeezed out the human part of their relationship with direct reports.

Add this tidbit to the debate over school funding and equity (or lack of it) in public schools: US school districts with mostly white students get $23 billion a year more in funding than districts in which most students are not white. This stunning but not entirely surprising information comes from a report by the nonprofit EdBuild, which promotes equity in public schools. EdBuild found the average “white” district got $13,908 for every student in 2016, while “nonwhite” districts got only $11,682 per student..

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